POLISHEX Nail Polish Remover

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Tired of having to go to the nail salon to pay extra $$ to get your acrylics and gels removed? Annoyed with DIY at home techniques of chipping away at your nails and all you get is skin damage and torn nails? 

Well, you're in luck... We created a way where you can remove nail polish 10 times faster with zero risks of nail damage in the process.
POLISHEX works fast, efficient, and keeps your nails healthy and intact.

  • With five nail slots, you can simply slip your fingers in and remove all nail polish
  • With this product, it makes the process  10 times faster while also saving you money. Instead of spending extra money for removal each time, or forever trying to chip off the paint yourself and just making a huge mess, you can now use POLISHEX for your one-stop choice when it’s time to clean off those nails!
  • POLISHEX provides a safe and easy to use steaming system that doesn't go past 52 C, which means it will remove all the polish off of your nails without damaging your cuticles
  • Not only can it be used to remove nail polish. You can also remove acrylic (powder or gel), shellac, and much more!

POLISHEX makes it easy for you to remove those stubborn gels and acrylics in the comfort of your own home and not have to hire a professional to do it for you.
Professionals from all over the world cannot recommend POLISHEX enough. What's really amazing about this product is how easy it is to use and how much time it saves you from chipping away one by one. Get yours today so you can have healthier nails.

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